Wordpress related help need

Hello, every one

My site is not getting open. https://www.indiasjobsnews.com/
once open site and can any one help me. its continuously loading and reloading only.

i am not understanding what happening. please help me.

recently i have lost my hosting , so i brought new hosting and backuped using updraftplus
in my previous hosting sites used to open with http://indiasjobsnews.com
now it is not getting open even http://indiasjobsnews.com

waiting for yours precious help
thank you.

Hosting GoDaddy?
Please check your DNS records.

Hi, Abhishek Verma

yes i checked and everything is perfect

Install SSL or add your website to Cloudflare and turn on SSL encryption.

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Your website need TLS certificate from a trusted CA.

Hello dear,

how can i get ctr and key file of cloudflare orgin ssl of my domain.

thank you

yes. or else you can try https://www.sslforfree.com/ for free SSL

That is for Let’s Encrypt which will expire in 90 days then manually have to re-install again, means there will be some downtime. This is a reason why I would suggest sticking to Cloudflare Origin SSL instead which comes with 15 years validity. :open_mouth:

PS. This will continue to work as long CF Proxy is turned on.


Hi dear,
I did everything as you shown above but still site loading on http and coming privacy error
certificate invalid.
site: https://www.indiasjobsnews.com

please tell me solution.

thank you

Right now, it’s loading perfectly with Cloudflare Cert. Restart your browser and test again.

Plz check this

Works here, so it could be cache. Try clearing browser cache or use ?nocache query string after the site URL.

dear here same problem again.
is this OS related issue? i am using windows 8.1

Can you open the site in incognito/private window, different browser and see if it works? It is not OS related.

I tried all these. private and incognito mode and different browsers.

are you able to access it on your other devices?

yes. but same problem on other devices too

Do you see CF IP when you enter this command in CMD application?

ping www.indiasjobsnews.com

If yes, all is good. If not, it’s your DNS problem. Wait 24 hours or switch to or resolver as per ISP customer care guidance or at own risk.

Caching or DNS issue. Please follow instructions by @GulshanKumar. Everything is working here

Thank you dear problem was solved