WP-Rocket VS Flying-press

I’m planning to buy a cache plugin. Confused between wp_rocket and Flying-press

Should I buy flyingpress along with Flying CDN rather using Wp-rocket along with Cloudflare free version?

Or should i hire Gulshan to make my site faster?

Help me make the right decision.

Not mentioning the site URL.

Other necessary details:

Hosted in Vultr.

Site started just one month ago.

No traffic yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Flying oress works perfectly fine.
I use the fp+fpcdn on my sites.
But if traffic is from diverse location like 20% from us 20% from uk and so on then go with something like cloudflare cdn as it offers better ttfb…

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Flying press working perfectly for me too.

Page speed has improved a lot for me.

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You can use Bunny CDN seperately along with flying press without fpcdn.
It can enhance your performance in case you have traffic from different locations.

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