Wp2static failure to deploy on BunnyCDN

I’m using wp2static to deploy the static site on BunnyCDN. Problem is that deploy fails every time, earlier I thought it was due to Devanagari URLs to characters transformation. But later I found out that it could be due to connection failure while uploading large number of files. (Discovered it while uploading via FileZilla, BCDN enters passive mode and thus interrupts the upload).

I have a few questions:

  • How to get rid of unused, unnecessary thumbnails?
  • Does wp2static upload full site every time when we press deploy while static files already exist on BunnyCDN storage?
  • Is it recommended to use wp2static for a blog with 200+ posts? Contents are rarely updated but posts are regularly added.

A particular reason of deployment failure can be revealed by looking up access and error log available at /var/log/nginx/ directory. Do you see API error or BAD RESPONSE kind of message? What exactly it is there we need to know first.

Deployment failure can happen due to several reasons

  • Invalid information present at WP2Static settings: Check all credentials present in WP2Static page. Make sure your WordPress username is different than Storage name because Chrome auto fill might be automatically filling bad credential.

  • fastcgi_read_timeout increasing this value will allow long process.

Regarding questions

No, it partially deployed files.

Trying with this

here is the last piece of /var/log/nginx/error.log

Try first “Test upload” then deploy.

If still happens then contact BunnyCDN support.

I do that most of the time… I have posted the problem on wp2static forum. I’m hopeful to get it resolved.

UPDATE: I have successfully deployed the static site.

what was causing issue?

Not sure, I think It was b-cdn error with ANSI encoded folder names, still persists. So not gonna go static with this one.

It was like a flash in the pan, I think It was b-cdn error with ANSI encoded Devanagari folder names, still persists. So I’m not deploying static for this site. I’m done with it.

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