Wpbeginner is an Inspiration

Recently came to know that Wpbeginner owner Syed Balkhi bought PushEngage!

To be frank, WP beginner should be an inspiration to all of us. He did not use his blog traffic only for adsense earnings. He kept jumping from one software launch to another. Optinmonster, Monsterinsights, Seedprod, Pushengage.

He may not be the most earning blogger out there. But for sure he is a top-earning businessman. Maybe we can all learn something from him. #randomthought


Yep. Very inspirational.

I am also doing similar thing with my blog. I am using my blog to get clients and provide services because of which my services business is thriving while blogging income is not that good yet I am running it.

I learned this from Amazon where they are making much more profit from AWS while little to no profit with the Amazon shop.

Thanks @Razor for sharing this :blush: