Wpxhosting vs cloudways

i think wpxhosting have a problem but idk what it is. My CTR adsense drop drastically after moving to wpx hosting from siteground. Everything is the same such as pageviews and visitors.

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Is cloudways $10 dollar comparable to wpxhosting $22? Vultr or digital ocean? i need singapore server.
And also, i have 100-200 pageviews monthly, is cloudways $10 enough?

Thank you, can i ask Mr. Gulshan to move it for me? How much is the rate? Where can i contact him?

I have my blog with Amazon Lightsail (10$ plan) for years. I have not faced any issues so far. Vultr also am using for my another business (singapore location).
Both services are good. 200 monthly pageviews can be easily handled by 10$ server. I can migrate if you wish.
Ping me through personal message.

You can get away with any basic shared host with that traffic!

I am using Cloudways since a long time. See my invoice below.

and still, using for some sites

From my long experience with them, I can say it’s far better. Here’s why -

  • You get 24*7 technical support on the Live Chat
  • Host Unlimited WordPress. They do not have restriction on the number of apps.
  • You pay what you use. $10/mo is minium charges, $1 is for automated backup.
  • They use best stack (Apache, NGINX, PHP 7.x, MariaDB, Varnish)

How about WPX? It’s slow in my experience.

So decide things with proper research.

Please contact via message.

Can I host multiple wordpress sites on 1 $10 plan on cloudways?

Yes, I am hosting 5 sites in Cloudways on $10 plan

  1. First website gets around 1000 visitors/days
  2. Three websites gets 100 visitors/day
  3. Fifth site is new one.

Unlimited WordPress Sites can be deployed as long resources available in your server. Right now, running 10+ sites at single droplet.


I’m also thinking about using Cloudways. Do they provide Cpanel?

Better than cPanel. They have custom design dedicated unique and user friendly interface for managing Cloud Instance.

i mean 200k pageviews monthly and 150k visitors monthly. i will message you when needed. thank you so much

Hello @GulshanKumar
You said… .

Means in Feature if I am buying 42$ of plan on Cloudways and for example if the website is running and using less resources than cloudways company will charge less than 42$ or the Mentioned plans are fix with their prices?

You cannot downgrade plan without creating a new server. You can only upgrade. The plan is pay as you go. So start with small plan and increase if you see need more resources like CPU, RAM, etc.

crazy, they told me that 200k users will need this plan. However, i do not know if it is true. It is just a blog with less than 1mb per page.

I was thinking i can do with $10 and $22 digital ocean, they just throw me a more expensive plan. Can i trust them?

It’s wrong to predict based on pageviews. All sites are different in nature.

For example, a website can handle 1000 in real time also at just base plan (because site is lightweight and well optimized at the first place)

That is why I said, start with small plan. If needed, you will come to know automatically at right time via their alert system.

Which is your primary hosting provider now?

This forum is hosted right now at UpCloud.

My blog (It’s not WordPress as it may look) is hosted at Cloud storage of BunnyCDN.

Upcloud plans are more affordable and cheaper than cloudways… .

Money is directly proportional to facility. You get what you pay.

Key difference UpCloud Cloudways
1 GB RAM, 25GB Disk Space, 1VCPU $5/mo $10/mo
Why Cost Difference? You save money by doing self You pay for convenience and saving time
Updates and Security You’re only 100% responsible It’s their work to automate task.
Software Sysadmin task, Learn or hire One click to WordPress, … , etc
Beginner Friendly? No. You need to hire Sysadmin Best for beginners, Web Designer
Do they help regarding WordPress? Never. It’s your responsibility. Platform level guaranteed, Depends on Support Plan, Basic support for WP
Backup services? Incremental, Automated Server level, App level, cloning
My review Amazing for Expert Time saver for anyone who need GUI experience

Cloudways do not own server. Inside their dashboard, they leave choice for you to choose their partnered Cloud Provider (Google Cloud, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS) and pay accordingly as per hour for their managed services. They will raise invoice not their Cloud partner which you will choose. You can see real time billing.

One server can have unlimited WordPress as long resources allowed. That makes an affordable choice for me. You pay for the server you launch, not for page views or apps. You have defined resources and monitoring solution to scale up in one click when needed.

It’s suitable for beginners or someone who can’t manage server self but still want to enjoy performance benefit. There is live chat for assistance whenever you need. They have made a ready-made solution that you can use it and mint money from your blog by utilizing your time at the right place.


you are really genius, i mean you mentioned each and everything in details… .

thank you for this much info and guiding us… .right way.