Write your views on AMP Pages, as per SEO Prospective, should we use?

I am writing here about my experience, Was I have used amp over 2 and a half years.

What are the advantages:

  1. Improves Website Loading Time
  2. Page view increases
  3. No extra loads on your origin server, Google host your cached data
  4. Increases Mobile Ranking: Although AMP has not established itself as an independent ranking factor, it can be judged concerning its mobile-friendliness and faster page load speed times. Site speed and conversion rate are strongly related.

What are the Disadvantages:

  1. Decrease In Ad Revenue
  2. Difficult to Generate Leads and Subscribers
  3. *If you update the article it will not reflect immediately
  4. **Still loading slow on the slower network (As we know the AMP project basically on 2G or slow network)
  5. Ads loads slowly
  6. There is no depth analysis in Google Analytics.

My opinion: I do not recommend implementing AMP (at least if you have a mobile-friendly, responsive website). Wait until AMP becomes a ranking signal. Let it withstand the test of time. After all, Google could still abandon AMP as a failed technology.

Note: For breaking news website AMP is important.

Google has already decided to drop amp.
See news for Google page experience update!

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Your statement “Google has already decided to drop amp” will confuse newby bloggers. AMP is one of the big projects by Google, they never let it down so easily.

Please go through:

It is a step towards change. Change to phase out amp slowly. They wont take it down at once but slowly phase it out!

Anyways AMP is not for small publishers like us.
Ad revenue is very bad. Also a lot of plugin suffer.

It is good for big news brands but not so much for us. As a small publishers we are here to make money and make a business out of our blog. So why leave any money in the table!

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