Yoast SEO alternative → The SEO Framework


I found this SEO plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/autodescription
It’s very simple and lightweight.
Wondering how many of you are using this plugin?
Should I continue using it or go back to Yoast.


I didn’t use The SEO Framework.
Why you removed Yoast SEO plugin? I think it is the best.


You can’t say Yoast is best without trying the other options, RIght? it’s illogical
Why I like this

  1. Simple and Lightweight.
  2. Built based on Genesis SEO.
  3. Free extensions.
  4. Doesn’t do experiments like Yoast (indexing paginated pages, Media attachments Drama etc) and no advertisements


Also, they have Focus https://theseoframework.com/extensions/focus/ just like SEO analysis in Yoast.
Just read reviews on their WordPress plugin page


I never use SEO Framework plugin but I know that Yoast provides all SEO options and It is managed by very professional team.
The team supplies updates for Yoast SEO plugin every week. However, I will try your plugin in my next blog…


Do you use The SEO Framework plugin? What is your experiments? @Amlan


Yoast is by far the best solution out there. They have a team of amazing developers, and they contribute a lot to the open source community. There’s no better alternative, and they’re also working on Gutenberg-compatibility.


I like Yoast SEO plugin too. Yoast is the best. However I want to try this plugin on my new blog. It looks nice, so It won’t create any SEO problem I hope.


@turk Which SEO plugin are you using currently?

  • Yoast
  • All in one
  • The SEO Framework
  • Other

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I’m using Yoast and The SEO Framework both. But still I continue to try The SEO Framework.

If you are wondering my first review about The SEO Framework;


  • Very lightweight
  • Simpler than others (One page config)
  • Providing better sitemap view. (Or you can use default sitemap which doesn’t include styles.)
  • Also they provide anti-spam, title fix extensions.

Most of the extensions was free but some of them are premium feature now.


  • It is developed by less people than competitors. May be developed by one person only. But he provides great support.

Shortly, I really like The SEO Framework plugin. And I can say it is better than Yoast :slight_smile:


Thanks for that information. Well, I am still not convinced. :confused:


You should give a chance. There is only page to configure it. So simple.

The SEO Frameworks plugin provides what Yoast do!

NOTE: Below settings are the default settings.