Yoast SEO News Integration

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I installed Yoast News SEO Plugin now and did basic configurations. Now, I am not able to find any settings related to News Plugin in the post editor section. I selected the categories to include and all that. And also I find no articles in the News Sitemap.

@GulshanKumar or anyone

Please check its documentation once.

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I went through the documentation and according to them, something like in the screenshot should pop up. But there is nothing as such.


  • Click on add-ons.

There you will find it:


this is how it appears on my site. I am not able to find an option called Ad Ons

Interesting. Well I haven’t used this extension. Suggest you to contact its support.

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Have you correctly installed the plugin?


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Installed it correctly.

I downloaded the plugin from GPLDL.

I see your site is not approved by Google News. Only install the plugin after getting approved. If you configure it incorrectly, you will get rejected and it won’t help you in approval.

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Okay, So is it like that only install this plugin after getting the approval?

The thing is it will not get you Google News approved. It can help you optimize ranking in Google News only after approval.

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I thought, we need to categorize and submit the XML sitemap created by Yoast for approval.

No, we don’t have to make a News sitemap or install any third-party plugins. For approval:

  • You need have clear about us page.
  • A proper contact us page.
  • News articles on frontpage.

Look for any Google News approved site like AndroidAuthority for reference.


Okay, Thank you brother

Got it.

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While applying for Google News, What should we mention at News Section Information? Is it just the News Category page URL or something else?


it’s just the category url. add two or three most active categories under same label.

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Thank you