Yoast Seo VS RankMath: which one is best for SEO?

Yoast Seo is one of the most oldest SEO plugins. RankMath is new in the market.

My question for all experts in this community which plugin is best for SEO?

None of them is best, content first. All have some issues. I feel irritated how Yoast slow down my dashboard with its Advt.

But If I still need to use any SEO plugin, I would go with Yoast SEO only.

i already know that Content is King. BUt which SEO plugin can tweak my SEO experience?

Yoast SEO is one I can trust more than any other SEO plugins.

Currently, Rankmath is new, tons of bugs and security issues yet to discover - probably. It would better to use it after 3-5 years later.

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What your thoughts about RankMath?

Currently, I cannot recommend it.


Its very good with many options and most important thing is its provides all features for free
I personally use & recommend Rankmath.

I also use RankMath now and I know it’s creator also. He and his team is very good!


I am using Rankmath and I can say that it works really great