[Your Opinion] Someone is asking me sale my blog design

Some random user loves my website design and they want me to implement the same design to their site. They are going to pay for the design.
I on a complete dilemma, whether to do it or not though the niche is different.

So, what’s your thought?

My opinion is 50-50

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If it’s a Good Deal, accept it.

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It’s your choice. You can implement it there’s no negative impact until your website is not a big brand.

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Do u own a registered trademark for ur design? I dont think so.

So if u are getting money out of implementing the design then in this economy thats good enough.

If such users approach designers then the designers will do it anyways. So better u earn some money out of it at least :stuck_out_tongue: .


Thank you all for your valuable suggestion

Makes sense :smiley:

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You can go for it, otherwise anyone can build design like yours.

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