YouTube Lazy Load and Webmaster

Hi guys, I have been using WP YouTube Lyte plugin to lazy load YouTube embedded videos. But I am getting error on Search Console saying.
Missing field "thumbnailUrl"
Missing field "name"
Missing field "description"
Missing field "uploadDate"

Any solution for this?

It seems related to Schema markup.

WP YouTube Lyte comes with an option to enable it.

Have you tried it?

Is this the Schema by WP YouTube Lyte?

Yes… exactly. That’s available option for Schema implementation

It was enabled by default. I was using Schema too.

I wanted to add Lazy load by WP Rocket but It adds external URL. So, I choose WP YouTube Lyte

Please check once with plugin author at plugin support forum if they add above markup or not.

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Ok, I will post in support section. Thank You

You’re welcome!

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