Youtube monetiztion requirements


What you think about Youtube monetization?

It requires atleast 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers.
For a serious topic example, tax these numbers are really high.
For example, If I put 10 videos on tax and finance, it will hardly bring any views.

But putting one video on entertainment niche it will bring more views and subscribers.

So YouTube is only for entertainers and entertaining content?


Nobody likes to watch serious videos on serious topics. Humans like comedy, songs, drama and funny videos only. :expressionless:


i want a similar rule on adsense for content.


What you can focus is to make video in your niche which are in demand, like how to file income tax etc. even you can make a complete course about income tax and upload it! You will get views! I have seen many videos of your niche close to half a million views.

Also, if you calculate, if you cannot bring 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers per year, then there is not point in making a YouTube Channel, as you won’t be earning anything from it!

Also, YouTube did this bcoz, a lot of spam was coming!

Here comes the down side of JIO. JIO has made people join YouTube and made people make useless and unethical content, which people like watching!

If you had the chance to see the trending section of YouTube few months back, it was horrible! It has become better now! I cannot think of making those videos on superstition like “Use toothpaste to become fair in one night”, “snake with 10 heads” What the Hell! But this is India, it works, it sells, that too when it’s free.

How can an Indian not use his full 1 GB of Data everyday. LOL! :wink:


Don’t think about the Tax related videos will not bring any views, check these channels:


I understand they have good number of views. But videos had view because GST was new topic and views will decline day by day.
I had similar run with my blog. Within 1 month of fully launch I had 8 lakh page views, but they are coming down.

What I am trying to say is that should not there be a manual check in Youtube similar to Adsense after few videos and views?
Entertaining videos will have more views compared to serious topics.

Take example, a channel provide review of a movie, views will be in millions. A channel say consultease released a video on GST, even though in trend it will never reach 1 million views.

However, it depends on Youtube. We can share only our views.


Yes, they have started their channels on the right time. Now they have good subscriber, and in the future if they publish any video then their audience will watch it. Yes, when GST came I also watched the video, but no longer. Entertainment Everyone likes, whenever I get bored I search for Entertainment related stuff only on YouTube.


My channel is going to be 30 days old. I don’t meet both of the above mentioned requirements but am seeing this.


They probably have relaxed the rules quietly or clicking this will take us to the next stage where they reject us.

Has anyone else noticed the same?


How much subscribers and Watch time do you have?


So far


Disclaimer: I don’t know if I am actually eligible or not. I don’t intend to click enable here as I want to get adsense for blog a year or 2 later. I saw it in the dashboard and remembered this thread so posted as an FYI in case anyone else is waiting for those high numbers.


I am also having a channel with 241 Subs and 1037 Hours watch time. But the option is not enabled for me.

If you got that option enabled, simply enable let’s see.



Sorry but like I mentioned above, not going to enable it now.


May be that rule is relaxed for first world countries.
Here in India we have lot of crap content, thanks to JIO.


They not only post crap, but also steal content easily now.


Not only do they post crap and steal content, but are also providing incorrect and misleading information.

I have seen so many tech channels which are shamelessly blabbering about stuff related to technology which are not even correct.


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