YouTube Update YPP

I got an email from YouTube today that says:
" This email is to notify you that you’ll need to accept YPP terms again once your channel is eligible for the program. The YPP application process, your channel watchtime, and subscriber count are not impacted.
At some point, you signed contract terms with YouTube regarding the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Previously, we allowed creators to pre-sign YPP terms before reaching the minimum eligibility thresholds We have since re-designed this process. Our records show that your channel hasn’t yet met the existing thresholds for program eligibility. In 30 days, if your channel is still not eligible for YPP, we will invalidate your contract."

What does this mean? Does this mean YouTube will eliminate my channel? I don’t have my channel to make money, just to upload videos for my articles on my blog.

I would really appreciate if someone knows what this is about. Thanks!

No action is required.

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Thinking to start youtube journey.
Pros feedback and suggestions please.

What a relief! Thanks Gulshan!