Youtube videos not embeding corectly - Astra theme

Hi guys,
I installed the free Astra theme and i want to build a blog where i post my youtube videos.
I want the videos to show and play directly from the home page,but since installing Astra theme it doesnt work.The home page only displays the text from the post and doesnt show the video.Any other theme i try it works perfectly.
I linked my site bellow so you can see what i’m talking about.
In the picture is the look i am going for,but on my website you can see the result i get…
Any help is greatly apreciated!
My site:

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Welcome to HGK forum.

I checked your URL, there is no any video :open_mouth:

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Thanks for the reply!
Well thats my issue,the video is not displayed on the main page…
it works with every other theme tho…i checked on many browsers and on phone,same result.

If you want to display YouTube video as featured image, install Featured Video Plus plugin.


Customize ▸ Layout ▸ Blog ▸ Blog / Archive ▸ Blog Post Content ▸ Full Content

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Thank you,i tried that,but full content also gives me the full text,i only want the short summary and the video.

This worked!Finaly!
Still don’t understand why the theme itself doesn’t do this automaticaly…