Zakra theme useful?

Hey there. I want to develop a wordpress website. I wanted a free theme but a good one, so i stumbled upon Zakra which has multiple features. It seems to be good but I wanted to make sure before I start using it. Is it worth it? Thanks for the suggestions

Go with Astra or GeneratePress


Many themes offers a lot of multiple features these days. If your requirement is not too specific, these are some features you can look for :-

  1. Guternberg support
  2. Theme should be fast and SEO friendly.
  3. Must be supporting main page builders ( usually all good themes does though )
  4. Header footer builder must have inbuild edit and customization support (Reason I love customify theme a lot )and theme must be easy to customize ( important when you do not know much about coding ).

Recommended themes :- If you are just building a normal Blog as @PiyushSuthar said Generatepress and Astra are good options.

You can also look for Ocean wp or customify ( my favorite ) theme.

If you are building a woocommerce store flatsome and basel are two good options to consider

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Do they offer full functionality in free version?

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Zakra is a very good freemium theme which offers almost all functionalities with built-in Elementor page builder. The best part about Zakra is it’s theme importer functionality which allows user to directly import a pre-built website to his own wordpress domain. User can later change the pictures and content. And the website is ready! I have been using Zakra for quite a while now. It offers following functionality:

  1. Responsive to all devices
  2. Schema ready
  3. Free Elementor page builder
  4. Themegrill demo importer to import pre-build pages
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Hestia is also a good choice.
Also Neve from Themeisle.

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You mentioned that you are using Zakra for quite a long time. Can you put some links here for Zakra websites as a sample? Appreciate it!

Sorry, It seems I can’t post any links

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Thanks alot

You can visit Zakra’s official website. They offer demos for lots of themes which you can preview in preview mode. If you still need any assistance, I will be glad to help!

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I am really sorry but please if you have a working website I want to take a look how it turns out? Sorry

You can take a look here


Thanks alot for your help. Now I can start using Zakra without any hesitation. Thank you very much.

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